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Since its inception in 1992, the Association for Homeschooling has promoted the recognition of the right of parents to educate their children within the family in South Africa, as it is recognised in art. 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right which states: “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.” Since 2010, the Association also promotes these parental rights in the larger Southern Africa region.


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German family imprisoned for homeschooling

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It was reported by the Homeschooling Legal Defence Association (HSLDA) in the USA, arguing that homeschooling damages children and is an abuse of parental authority, a German district court in Darmstadt transferred the custody rights of Dirk and Petra Wunderlich’s four children to the Jugendamt, Germany’s child protective agency.

The German government has been persecuting homeschooling families since 2005 on the grounds that the state has an interest in counteracting the development of “parallel societies”. Many German homeschooling families have left the country. In 2010, Tennessee Judge Lawrence Burman has granted political asylum to the Romeike family and called Germany's actions with the Romeike family a violation of their human rights and a “repellent to everything we believe as Americans” before passing a ruling that allowed them to stay in the U.S.

Unfortunately not all German homeschooling families were able to leave the country. The Wunderlich family attempted to leave the country, but after no success in finding work outside Germany, the family was forced to return to their home in Hessen, Germany. Because of the court’s transfer of custody to the government the Wunderlichs are effectively imprisoned in Germany since they cannot take their children out of the country without permission.

The Association for Homeschooling has written many letters to the German Embassy in South Africa on the persecution of homeschoolers in South Africa. The Association has received a response from the German Embassy where they re-iterate that “The public has a legitimate interest in countering the rise of parallel societies …”.

A global conference on freedom for home educators will be held in November. Mike Donnelly from the HSLDA along with other organizers of the conference hope it may help to improve the situation in Germany. Leendert van Oostrum from the Pestalozzi Trust and others from South Africa will also attend this conference. You can learn more about the conference at www.ghec2012.org or view the promotional video on Youtube. The Wunderlichs as well as the Johanssons (whose son is detained by the Swedish government since 2009) are scheduled to be at this conference.

To support the Wunderlich family, you can send a letter of encouragement to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Homeschooling in Germany



  • Bouwe van der Eems Friday, 23 November 2012

    On 22 November the Wunderlich family has received a visit from the Welfare Officer as well as a representative from the school district accompanied by six police officers. Dirk Wunderlich wrote a report that describes these visits and distributed this to the homeschooling community. You can read this report at http://goo.gl/R4BLI

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Sedert sy oprigting in 1992 het die Vereniging vir Tuisonderwys hom beywer vir die erkenning van ouers se reg om hulle kinders binne familieverband op te voed in Suid-Afrika, soos dit erken word in art. 26 van die Universele Verklaring van Menseregte wat verklaar: “Ouers het die reg om te kies watter tipe opvoeding hulle kinders ontvang.” Sedert 2010 bevorder die vereniging hierdie ouerlike regte ook in die Suider-Afrikaanse streek.