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The website is the most comprehensive website on homeschooling in South Africa. On average the website receives more than 10 000 visits per month. In the Nov. 2012 edition of Fair Lady a front page article was published on home school in South Africa and the website was mentioned first as a "Great Website" and it also mentioned by "Radio Sonder Grense" on it's "Groeipyne" Facebook group. The website has more 2800 registered users, more than 2700 "Likes" on it's Facebook Page and more than 500 Twitter followers.

Die Webwerf

Die webwerf is die mees omvattende webwerf oor tuisonderrig in Suid Afrika. Gemiddeld ontvang die webwerf meer as 10 000 besoeke per maand. In Nov. 2012 uitgawe plaas Fair Lady 'n voorblad artikel oor tuisonderwys en noem heel eerste as 'n "Great Website" en RSG vermeld as een van die twee Suid-Afrikaanse webwerwe wat hy aanbeveel op sy Groeipyne Faceboek groep. Verder het die webwerf meer as 2800 geregistreerde gebruikers, meer as 2700 "Likes" op sy Facebook bladsy en meer as 500 Twitter volgelinge.


Home schooling in South Africa

Homeschooling in South Africa


Webwerf Ontwikkelaar : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Voormalige tuisleerder en werk tans as tegnikus by Frogfoot Networks. In sy vrye tyd help hy met die ontwikkeling van die webwerf en verder speel hy tromboon in the Simfoniese Blaasorkes van Hoerskool Bellville.


Kunstenaar : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Voormalige tuisleerder en tans 'n professionele kunstenaar in Pretoria.



Die webwerf is ontwikkel deur Up-To-IT Solutions.

Die webmeester van hierdie webwerf is lid van die Homeschool Webmasters groep.


Legal & Research

Legal Status

Home Education is legal in South Africa and internationally.

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Homeschool Research

Research consistently proves that homelearners perform better.

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History of homeschooling in South

History of home education in South Africa   Home schooling (which

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How to find a learning centre

Since there is no central registry of learning centres, they are

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Start a Learning Centre

Important considerations when starting a learning centre

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Learning centre overview

Regulatory environment & support for learning centres

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Homeschool ABC



Popular homeschooling approaches and styles ...

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5 Easy steps to start homeschooling ...

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How to choose a curriculum for your family ...

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Support Groups

Parents living in the same area that support each other. ....... ...

Homeschool Forums

Where homeschoolers in South Africa discuss and share ... ...


Tutors provide additional support to homeschooling parents. ... ...

Homeschool family blogs

Blogs by homeschooling families sharing their experiences and advice. ...


Physical Development Life Skills ...

- CARPE DIEM -Seize the DayUse the OpportunityHelp children … so ...

Cyber School Group

Online, Live Schooling Delivered To You Anywhere! Save 1 full year ...

Nukleus Onderwys

Alles wat 'n suksesvolle leerder benodig

South African Virtual School

Our motto “Eruditio pro Vita" meaning "Learning for Life" ...

Q & A

What about matric?
There are a number of ways that homelearners can get a matric. The most popular form of matric is the academic matric. W...
2939 Hits
What is the best curriculum?
There is no curriculum that is the best curriculum for all families. Parents must have a look at as many as possible cur...
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Free and 2nd Homeschool resources
The website has a list of selected free resources that are available, as well as a service where hom...
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